I designed, prototyped, and created a Pizza Elevator as part of Mark Rober's Creative Engineering course.
I branded the whole thing after my favorite pizza place, and they noticed!
I was contacted by Dominos and paid to create a second, upgraded version with accompanying TikTok video for their social media. 
For the second version, I wanted to add some additional functionality, especially some from comments on the first version. 

Ultimately this meant adding:
- Lights
- Drink holders
- Revising the lift mechanism
And, most importantly: - a confetti cannon

Lights were straightforward, and I updated the design of the platform to allow drinks to be placed in a net under the pizza itself. 

I spent the majority of my time refining (read: overcomplicating) the lift mechanism. 

The confetti cannon was made from a few sections of pipe, sealed with thread tape rated for gas and then with a small pushbutton release. 
After listening to brand-safe music for a week, trying to find something that I liked. I found it! From there, it was just a matter of lining up beats in the build. In truth, the final build was actually LESS reliable than the first version. Funny how when you add extra complexity, there's more opportunities for bugs!

At the end of the day, it worked well enough for the video and Domino's was happy with the final product!

Version 1: CNC'd Plywood

Version 2: Laser-cut plywood with all the fixin's

Initial design sketches

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