A couple friends and I wanted to try our hand at a game jam! When one came up with the theme of "Roots", we spent a weekend making a VR horror adaptation of the Dr. Seuss classic. 
The idea was that you, "The Onceler" were in your initial days of the Thneed industry. In this timeline, though... the Lorax's patience had limits and came paired with a threat of violence. 

Greedy as ever, the player's goal is to chop down Truffula trees, collect their resources, transform them in to Thneeds and deliver to your customers. The Lorax, however, does not appreciate your penchant for environmental destruction. 

If he hears you chopping down a tree, he'll make a beeline for the player's position and attack on sight. 

With the idea down, we divided up the work:
- I created all the assets, from the Lorax himself to the thneeds and the Truffula's they're made from. 
- Ryan worked on the tree chopping mechanic and Thneed crafting. 
- My brother, Andrew took a stab at the enemy( environmental defender? )'s AI and pathfinding. 
So... althrough I had experience working in VR, my fellow jammers... didn't. They didn't even have experience in Unity. 
That, paired with some prior weekend obligations and commitment to sleep... meant we didn't finish the complete game in the 3 days of the jam. 

That said, the scope was ambitious and we all had fun testing our abilities. I'm still proud of what we were able to make:
- Tree chopping
- Thneed making
- Themed assets 
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