Another meme project! Maxwell the Cat has been making his rounds on social media for a while now. What started as a picture on Imgur in 2017 has recently blown up into media around a rotating 3D model of a cat the internet named Maxwell ( Jess, in reality ). 

Simple videos of the 3D model rotating in space garnered millions of views and spawned hundreds of remixes.

I've loved seeing so many people, myself included, get excited about such a little cute thing... so I had to throw my hat in the ring. 
I'd seen these floating plant pots around on the internet before and bought a renewed one off Amazon. I stripped it down to the core components and used Blender and Autodesk Fusion 360 to create a new enclosure for the magnetic base and to replace the floating pot. 

Maxwell, the floater, was MSLA printed on my Elegoo Mars resin printer, and the base was printed in matte white PLA on my Creality CR-10. Some spackle, paint, nail polish topcoat, and string later... I had this:
I edited the build process down to a 30sec overview and posted it on TikTok, Instagram Reels and YouTube Shorts.
While the video never really gained traction on Instagram and YouTube... On Tiktok it has more than 9.3 Million views, nearly 9k comments, and 2.1 million likes. I've had people reach out through all kinds of channels asking if I take commissions and would make another for them. The comments have been incredible and it's been amazing to see how much people like such a simple project!

I followed it up with a small collaboration with Clancy's Auto Body shop, whose interaction with the meme earlier in the month made headlines. 
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