A large scale diorama of Cow Palace, dressed in its finest Open Sauce. Designed to help attendees orient themselves inside this massive building and interact with buttons to locate some event highlights. (Note: The real Cow Palace is at LEAST 3 times bigger than this)
We weren't originally planning to exhibit at Open Sauce... but then I had an idea I couldn't get out of my head. After taking a look at the venue in Google Maps... I realized how huge the space was. Having seen some large dioramas where you could press buttons on a panel to light up points of interest... it seemed like a great opportunity for a hands-on project that could actually be useful for the event!

I pitched the idea to my friend Gino, and we used the information we had to put together a rendering of the proposed exhibit. 

Then we waited. 

After a week, the organizers reached out and said they loved the idea. That's great news because we NEED information on the layout of the event in order to make the whole thing!

From there, we had a few meetings with William Osman to talk about layout and he gave us some partial point cloud scans of the venue.

The base of the Diorama is made out of plywood, with 2x4 legs supporting four modular sections. These sections can be collapsed later so we can transport the whole thing by rental truck, down to SF later!
It's still in progress! The event itself is on June 15th and 16th, and I'll update this page with final photos / videos after that. 🙌
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