Meta’s new Quest Pro includes “partial light blockers” for a more “immersive experience” They attach magnetically and do exactly what their name suggests… but when they’re not in use… they just lay on my desk.
The other day, their shape gave me an idea… and I just had to try it out.
The most complicated step was making sure I had the correct geometry to model around. I dusted one of the light-blockers with some cornstarch to give it a non-repeating distinct texture, then used Polycam to create a 3D model. This combination worked out great and gave me a very useable model. 

Not wanting to cover my Quest Pro istself in cornstarch, however, meant those dimensions were a bit harder to nail down. 

Then, I hadn't used Fusion 360's surface modeling tools, but after a few tutorials I got the general process and the flexibility of PLA gave the parts some wiggle room. 
It's been great to see people's responses to such a simple add-on. It quickly became my most downloaded model on Printables and was featured in a series of tweets by a prominent VR news source: Brad Lynch (SadlyItsBradley).
The comments on a few Reddit posts have been awesome as well, and it's so exciting to see other people's successful prints! Great suggestions for improvements as well ( sizing, RGB, speakers, opening for charging light ).
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