One of my first tests with photogrammetry (Autodesk Re-cap, 2017). I had just purchased a 3D printer and wanted to try printing a high detail model. My friend volunteered to be the test subject and stayed as still as he could while I took upwards of 150 photos. I cleaned up the model in Autodesk Meshmixer and sent it to the printer!

Rendered in Blender with obligatory donut.

I used my DJI Mavic Mini to take some photos of petroglyphs on the other side of a canyon. Put together with Reality capture, the scale of the drawings is staggering.

Close up of the petroglyphs.

Virtual Graduation: Visual Arts Center
To create the scene for my virtual Graduation Event, I did my first tests with Drone Photogrammetry before taking more than 500 Photos for the final space.
I took the above model and retopologized it with Blender. The final model is optimized (1gb -> 14mb) to be used in the browser as it was for the virtual graduation ceremony. The 3D map is playable Mozilla Hubs
On a quest to find the best way to (cheaply) get a 3D model of a person (in T-Pose), I've done some tests with photogrammetry. I'm not happy with the results yet but this is just a selection of some of what I've tried!
1. Worst-Case Test: bad quality camera, dim lighting, Few Source Photos ( Reality Capture )
2. Nose REference for Ghenghis Khan Costume
3. Ghenghis Khan COstume
4. Tripod arm supports, cloudy day, full body
I'm fitting tests in-between other projects, but I'll keep adding more here as I test!
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